INCREASE THE LIFE OF YOUR grooved end mechanIcal piping & reduce your overall costs in long term operations, with SCIPSA SYSTEM.

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SCIPSA SYSTEM is the latest innovation in corrosion control and pipe management systems for industries who implement grooved-end mechanical pipes throughout their facilities.

It does this through a patented innovative application of sacrificial anodes and coupled with the ability to track, manage and maintain every pipe system within a facility, regardless of how big or small it may be.

The two components of the system are:

Part 1: Install

We’ve designed a special sleeve that will allow you to easily install an unobtrusive anode inside your pipe systems. The anode will utilize the pipes own fluid as the ionic pathway necessary for cathodic protection to take place.

SCIPSA SYSTEM technical illustration.

Part 2: Record & Maintain

Through the use of pipe markers and field work books, all the pertinent information about the individual pipe system is stored on a computer data base. This information will be used to track the life of your anodes and regulate pipe maintenance.

Pipe Markers

Placed at each anode location.

Field Books

Record data on-site.


Archive and track the anode's life.

The Principle of SCIPSA SYSTEM

Traditionally, pipe systems are installed and not given a second thought...until they fail. By implementing SCIPSA SYSTEM'S innovative principle, you will be taking a pro-active approach that will protect and prolong the life of your piping infrastructure:




Save Money + Benefits


SCIPSA SYSTEM is a cost effective, easy to install anode, that will greatly prolong the life of all fluid handling pipes and associated components. What does this mean for your organization?

Cost Analysis

Research has shown that ( on average ) of all the sales of grooved end mechanical pipe and components; 40% was for repair and replace, while 60% was for new installation.

60% New Install



The total cost of your pipe system does not end with the purchase of supplies. There is the additional cost and logistics of getting your supplies where they need to be, the cost of man power to have it installed, the cost of equipment and fuel and not to mention the cost of downtime when it is a repair and replace. By incorporating SCIPSA SYSTEM into your daily operations you will be protecting an investment you already made and drastically reducing your repair and replace costs.

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